Uncle Joe's Torte:  A sinful layering of roasted hazelnut dacquoise, chocolate mousse, Grand Marnier bavarian cream and chocolate ganache.   The torte is finished with a delectable espresso butter cream and praline.
        Chocolate Toffee Torte;  Three all-American favorites, pecans, fudge and toffee, are transformed into an elegant European-style torte with billows of coffee creme chantilly.
         Grand Marnier Cheesecake With Strawberries And Candied Orange Peel:  For those who love cheesecake this is a must!
          Chocolate Caramel Torte:  This domed torte combines chocolate and caramel into three layers:  A silky chocolate caramel mousse, a scrumptious layer of rich sweet  melt-in-your-mouth caramel, and a chocolate genoise infused with a rum simple syrup.  All of this heavenly flavors are encased with a whipped chocolate ganache.  For added beauty the torte may also be covered with a house made shiny chocolate glaze.
           Eros Torte:  Heavenly layers of dacquois, caramel nut icing, pears poached in a passion fruit syrup, almond genoise and caramel mousse.